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The gaming community is so big and diverse not only in the people who make up the community, but how people game. Of course you have your traditional gamers with huge pc setups and play exciting, fast-paced games like Overwatch, you have your RPG gamers who live for in-depth storylines that lead to years and years of gameplay, but a new “genre” of gamer is arising: the cozy gamer. Cozy gamers are people who just like to play games to relax and use as a form of escapism, whether that’s to a tropical island with cute animal neighbors like in Animal Crossing, or living out their cottage-core fantasies by tending a quaint farm like in Stardew Valley. Cozy gaming is the best way to de-stress and completely transport yourself to a serene setting all while sitting in the comfort of your bed, so from one cozy gamer to another, here are my top 5 best tips to have the best cozy gamer setup!

1. Invest in all things cozy

Photo by Giulia Bertelli from Unsplash

I know this may seem like the obvious (given the title of this genre of gaming) but investing in super cozy blankets, pillows, and loungewear is the best place to start when opitmizing your coziness levels while gaming. Target and Etsy have tons of options for knitted blankets and super-soft loungewear sets that will for sure be a staple during your gaming sessions. You can’t be a cozy gamer without being cozy!

2. Get a great portable gaming system

Nintendo 2DS console
Photo by Denise Jans from Unsplash

Nintendo Switches or a super light-weight gaming laptop are definitely the way to go for cozy gaming. Having a gaming system that you can take from your bed, to your couch, or to any other part of your house is super important to ensure maximum comfortness while you tend to your farm or fend off endermen on Minecraft! 

3. Throw away those energy drinks!

hibiscus tea with lemon slice
Photo by Tea Creative Soo Chung from Unsplash

Energy drinks might be good if you need to bang out a 10 page research paper an hour before it’s due, but for a relaxing night in gaming? Not gonna work. Use trial and error to find an enjoyable and relaxing tea, coffee or even juice to sip on while you game until 4 am!

4. Self-care products

woman with white towel on head and face mask
Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

Playing relaxing games is the perfect time to figure out a skincare regiment that works for you! Putting on a face-mask or deep conditioning your hair is a great way to take care of yourself while mindlessly playing video games for hours on end (they also work as great timers to curb your screentime!)

5. Try out similar games to your personal favorites

Nintendo Switch with animal crossing
Photo by Sara Kurfeß from Unsplash

Sure Animal Crossing has been a staple comfort game this past year, but trying out different games that have a similar vibe and gameplay can lead to you finding your next favorite game!

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