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Because You Too Deserve Love, A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can be quite a hard holiday to overcome if you’re not all googly-eyed over a certain someone, or if you’re not sitting in front of a candlelit dinner with the “love of your life.”

For some single girls, Valentine’s Day can be excruciatingly painful. This day of love can be just another reminder that yes, you are alone, and yes, your mom is going have to be your Valentine for the fifth consecutive year. And once all of these sad and depressing thoughts begin to fill your head (so sorry mom), that large bottle of wine begins to call your name as well.

Even though being single on this holiday is a great excuse to chug the entire bottle of wine and to devour the Ben & Jerry’s in your fridge, it can also be a good excuse to create something a little more positive in your life (and a little less fattening). After all, as crazy as the thought may be, you too can enjoy love on Valentine’s Day as a single girl.

How? You may ask. Love can be all around you, even in places that you least expect it. Love on Valentine’s Day does not have to be with a significant other. Crazy, huh!? You can find the love that you are looking for right from your friends and family. Show them the love that you have for them, and you will get the same in return.

Most importantly, instead of looking for love from others, find the love that you have for yourself. Name one thing about yourself that day and decide that you love it and that you are going to flaunt it. Treat yourself to something on Valentine’s Day, and reflect on the things that you love about yourself and your life. Valentine’s Day is not, in fact, a day to sulk if you are single, but a day to acknowledge all of the precious things around you that you love.

Now, single ladies, after this long day of reflecting on the things you love about yourself, your life, and the people around you, it is okay to go into your fridge and chug the entire bottle of wine and to devour the Ben & Jerry’s. Because you do deserve love too. 

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