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A&E’s “Breaking Boston” Cancelled After Just One Episode


Breaking Boston is an A&E “docudrama” featuring four working class women trying to go against the odds. The show’s executive producer is Boston’s own Mark Wahlberg, who says he mirrored the show off of his own life and experiences in Boston.

The show premiered on March 13 at 10 PM. The first episode introduced you to the four leading ladies, Courtney, Kristina, Noelle, and Val. Courtney, a single mom, wants to go to beauty school, but finds out that she needs to get her GED. Val, who has a criminal record, goes on an interview for an internship with one of the richest women in Boston. Meanwhile, Kristina and Noelle deal with their wary boyfriends.  

After just one episode, A&E decided to remove the show from their programming. They cited underperformance as the reason, with only 311,000 viewers in total. This is a major difference from the 3.3 million people that watched Mark’s other show, Wahlburgers, in the first week.

They have yet to say what they will do with the remaining unaired episodes. The show’s stars have taken to Twitter to tell fans not to fear. They are hopeful that A&E will release all episodes in some manner.

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