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7 Delicate Line Tattoos That Are Perfect For Minimalists

The words “tattoo” and “minimalist” seem to go hand in hand in the world today. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are filled with an unlimited amount of minimalist style tattoos that you can’t help but fawn over. They’re trendy, beautiful, and simple (not to mention much cheaper). Here are seven of my favorite tattoos that are delicately created, and a must for anybody who is considering a minimalist style tattoo!


1.The Mermaid Within


Image from: Pinterest

This ocean themed tattoo trio is perfect for those who love anything that has to do with the sea. Consisting of a few lines and some dots, this tatt is every minimalist’s dream.


2. The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars


Image from: Pinterest

This one is for all the celestial/ astrology-loving minimalists. Show that you know all about the stars and the planets in a cute and simple way.  


3. A Rose With A Twist



Image from: Pinterest

Roses are probably the most common tattoo that anyone can have, and sometimes they involve a lot of intricate details and shading. This groovy rose tattoo is just purely lines, so it’s perfect for those who want a minimalist tattoo vibe. Also, it brings a unique twist to a simple rose tattoo!


4. Mickey Mouse


Image from: Pinterest


Who doesn’t love Disney? These Mickey Mouse ears are a fun way to show some Disney approved love, and are quick and easy to have tattooed. So, if you want a tattoo but don’t want something too intense- consider this one!


5. The Pet Owner


Image from: Pinterest


Every pet owner has most likely considered tattooing a picture of their cat or dog or bunny on their bodies at some point in their life. This adorable outline of a cat and a dog not only is a must for the animal lovers of the world, but it requires only delicate lines to create this beauty.


6. The Most Adorable Elephant Tattoo Ever


Image from: Pinterest

What’s not to love about this one? This elephant outline with a little heart at the trunk couldn’t be any cuter honestly. A small elephant tattoo on the wrist just screams ‘the perfect minimalist tatt” to me and all other minimalists.


7. The City Girl


Image from: Pinterest

This minimalistic skyline tattoo is my personal favorite because of how versatile it is. A tattoo like this can be made from the skyline of any city in the world, and perfectly catered to each individual minimalist.

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