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5 Things Not to Forget in Your Spring Break Suitcase




Spring break is what us college students look forward to after a cold winter, whether you’re staying in Boston, going home to see family, or flying somewhere warm to vacation. If you are one of the lucky ones hitting up beach resorts in the Bahamas, or going off to enjoy the warm southwestern climate, you’re probably panicking about what to pack. With all the snow we’ve seen these past months, and with the continuing cold here in New England, not having an updated summer wardrobe at your fingertips might be stressing you out. Luckily there are a few easy essential pieces that you can pick up last minute or find in your wardrobe that will make sure you’re the best dressed New Englander on your trip.


1. Wedges:


You probably have one good pair of wedges or heels in your closet that you may have been wearing with thick tights through the winter, and can easily break out to pair with a lighter dress. If not, the good thing is heels are always in season, and you can find them pretty much anywhere in a pinch. Here’s some from Aldo that you can rock on your trip, and when you come back comfortably with tights or long pants.


2. Sundress

We all have one cute sundress that we’ve kept out of storage for the winter to pair with sweaters and scarves. If however your summer staples are back home in boxes, this one from Forever 21 is perfect (and inexpensive). It has some boho flair that will be perfect in the warm weather, and can be dressed down for a casual beach day or up for a night on the town.


3. Bathing Suit

Even if you’re going somewhere up north for the weekend, you don’t want to get to your hotel and be the only one who forgot their bathing suit. If you don’t fit into last year’s bathing suit, or it was destroyed by all the sun and chlorine like mine, Victoria’s Secret will have you hooked up. Don’t have time to order online? Checkout your local Marshalls, TJ Maxx or H&M!


4. Hat


A cute hat like this one from Urban Outfitters will not only accessorize your outfit all day but will also protect your eyes from the sun while trying to tan on the beach. Win win, right? Make sure you throw one in your bag!


5. Beach bag

This seems like a no brainer if you’re going to be hitting the beach, but it can easily get looked over when you’re packing your suitcase. Make sure to pack an empty beach bag to take with you to the water, like this one from Nordstrom.


Enjoy your vacations, ladies!

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