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10 Stores For Makeup You Need To Try



1. TJ Maxx

Some of my most used makeup products come from the beauty section of TJ Maxx. Sure, the beauty section of TJ Maxx always seems to be complete chaos, but if you have the patience you’ll definitely find some great products. Especially, expensive makeup brands at a much cheaper price!


2. Miss A

Not only was this online makeup brand Allure’s Beauty Award Winner 2018, but their website has a bunch of makeup products for just a dollar! The perfect makeup destination for college students on a budget.


3. Urban Outfitters

In recent years Urban Outfitters has made their makeup section almost as trendy as their clothes. It seems impossible now to shop at Urban Outfitters without impulsively trying out all of their glitter eyeliners and beautifully colored eye palettes! Plus, they carry a ton of great skin care and hair products too.


4. Forever 21

Forever 21 just really has amazing- everything. Who doesn’t want cute lipgloss for $2?


5. Amazon

Every makeup product that is out of stock at Sephora or Ulta I have found on Amazon. Not to mention you can get these makeup products right to your house or dorm in 2 days with Prime.


6. Nordstrom

A one stop shop for quality clothes, quality cafe food, and quality makeup.


7. Target

As if Target couldn’t get any more amazing, they have started carrying more types of makeup than just your standard drugstore products. Your local Sephora could never.


8. Lush

I always forget that Lush sells makeup products as well as their life changing skincare products- and it’s all organic! Finally, good makeup that won’t harm your skin!


9. Ipsy Box

I feel like these glam boxes don’t get as much credit as they should. For only $10 a month you can get five of your favorite makeup goodies- and usually the makeup brands are pretty bougie.


10. Marshalls

Similar to TJ Maxx, Marshalls always has the best and most affordable makeup kits. Marshall’s carries versions of brands such as Too Faced and Tarte, and at a third of the cost. Marshall’s truly is untouchable when it comes to beauty.

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