10 Songs You Need to Add to Your Spring Playlist

One of the best times of the year is when you can drive around with your best friends, have all the windows down, with your favorite songs blasting too loud. We’re not quite there yet, but who said Spring had to be quiet?

Music always puts me in a good mood whether I’m listening on the train, while I’m doing homework, or if I’m out an event. Making playlists on Spotify is one of my favorite ways to relax or pass time.

I’ve put together a playlist of ten songs that will either put you in a good mood, get you excited for Spring, or help you look forward to the warm, sunny months ahead of us!

1. 100 Bad Days - AJR

Image from: Album of the Year

AJR has been one of my favorite bands for a while, and their music is truly so underappreciated! They’re not afraid to step outside the box and experiment with different sounds and concepts. Their music always makes me smile, and the first single ‘100 Bad Days’ off their new album Neotheater has been in my playlist on repeat!


2. Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott) - Lizzo

Image from: Youtube


This song has been new in my playlist for the past week (thank you to the roomie for introducing me) and I have not been able to stop listening. It’s so upbeat, fun, and makes me want to get up and dance. Lizzo and Missy are truly a dynamic duo!


3. Sucker - Jonas Brothers

Image from: eonline.com


I am still not over the Jonas Brothers making a comeback this year! I have not stopped listening to 'Sucker.' It was the perfect song for the JoBros to come back with and the perfect song for your Spring playlist!



Image from: Genius


You will not be disappointed by this song! It is one of my favorites that J.Cole has ever done. It’s been in my recently played for weeks, and I can never seem to get the dope beat out of my head!


5. Who Do You Love (with 5 Seconds of Summer) - The Chainsmokers

Image from: Wikipedia


I wish I was kidding when I say I listen to this song at least 3 times a day, if not more. Two of my favorite groups of all time have teamed up on ‘Who Do You Love’ and the combination proved to be epic. If you haven’t listened to this yet, stop what you’re doing right now and check this song out!


6. Wait For You - Jake Miller

Image from: Genius


Jake Miller is an artist I’ve been listening to since I was 15 years old and I truly think he deserves so much more recognition, especially after how much he has grown. His music has evolved through each new project and I always get excited to see what he’s going to come out with next! This song has such feel-good, happy vibes, perfect for Spring!


7. Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild) - ODESZA

Image from: SoundCloud


ODESZA is definitely a newer artist in my playlist, but this song has consistently been one of my favorites. It is the perfect song for what I described at the beginning of the article; driving with the windows down, volume blasting!


8. Lie to Me (feat. Julia Michaels) - 5 Seconds of Summer

Image from: Wikipedia


When 5SOS’ new album came out, ‘Lie to Me’ was one of my favorite tracks on the album. Then, they released a version with Julia Michaels and the collaboration makes the song 10X more amazing. This is definitely a song I love to belt at the top of my lungs.


9. Wow - Remix - Post Malone, Roddy Ricch, Tyga

Image from: Wikipedia


‘Wow’ by Post Malone has been a consistent repeat in my Spring playlist. Then, I stumbled upon the remix that I had no idea existed, and I wished I had found it sooner. This trio took the already fire track and brought it to the next level.


10. bury a friend - Billie Eilish

Image from: Vanyaland.com


While this track doesn’t give me Spring vibes, I still wanted to include it because it’s been nonstop on repeat. I had never listened to Billie before I heard this track, but I’m always down to listen to new artists, especially ones that are out of my comfort zone! Billie also dropped a new album recently, and I’m so excited to listen!