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Zachary & Christian Lakes ’17

Zachary and Christian Lakes have been the talk of STU (at least for the ladies) since the year began. Better known as “The Harrington Hall Twins,” their names have dominated Facebook’s “Spotted at STU” page.

“To the Harrington twins. Can we make a sandwich and you two be the bread? Please?”

“To the “Harrington Twins,” thank you for making our day. Sincerely, the Social Work ladies. PS. You know where to go if you’re ever in need.” *Winky Face*

Women can’t get enough. They’re nice, approachable and good-looking times two. Men however are getting tired of the constant attention:

“To everyone at STU, we get it. You love the ‘Harrington Twins.’”

Whether they’re jealous or just plain annoyed, there is no denying these men are on all STU girls’ radars.

Where are you from?

Both: Wolfville, NS.

What year are you in?

Both: First year.

What do you plan on majoring in?

Zach: Don’t know yet; Maybe psychology and hopefully acting.

Christian: Not sure yet.

What activities are you into?

Zach: I love sports, reading, and singing.

Christian: I love sports, hiking, traveling and long boarding.

What is your relationship status?

Both: Single.

What are your goals for the future?

Zach: Hopefully win the Canada Games in biathlon, have a job I enjoy doing and be with someone I care about.

Christian: Travel more and to get through university.

Being twins there are obviously similarities between you. What are some major or funny differences?

Zach: We make fun of each other a lot but are never serious, and we always think the same, which is sometimes annoying. Singing and acting is the only major difference it seems between us, and I compete in the sport biathlon and my brother does not.

Christian: We are similar but have our differences [laughs]. But it’s awesome having someone you can depend on totally.

Why do you think the women of STU are so intrigued by you?

Zach: Honestly I don’t know, but sometimes I think people think we have huge egos because of the attention, and I hope this makes them see we do not; we just try to be nice to everyone and meet new people.

Christian: [laughs] honestly I don’t know. Zach and I just do our best to be nice and polite to all women. Not enough guys are these days.

Who is older?

Zach: Christian by 2 hours.

If you could be any animal, which would you pick and why?

Zach: An owl, because they can fly and have amazing senses.

Christian: A wolf, because they work together and family is everything.

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Zach: Liam Neeson, because he is my favourite actor and he could give me tips about acting.

Christian: Probably Nelson Mandela, because he was a true inspiration.

What is your favourite sport and what team do you support?

Zach: I love a lot of sports but my favourite is probably biathlon. But I love rugby, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Christian: I love all sports, but I would say rugby, and I like the New Zealand All Blacks.

My name is Alicia. I am a 20 year old student at St. Thomas University, Fredericton. I am in my second year and doing a double major in Journalism and Communications. I love music, sports and being with my girls! Someday, I WILL write for Cosmo!
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