What To Bring To a Summer Music Festival

Now that classes are (almost!) over and summer has begun, collegiettes everywhere are looking for something new and exciting to do this summer. The solution for many is music festivals. Music festivals are bigger than ever, and whether its Osheaga or Evolve, here are just some of the things you should bring with you!


This is super obvious, but easily and often forgotten. This is important so you don’t get a nasty burn on the first day of the festival and have to suffer with it for the remaining days. When looking for an appropriate sunscreen, look for one with at least SPF 15, UVA protection and that it is water and sweat resistant.


This will protect you eyes from sun damage, as long as they block those UVA and UVB rays. But, sunglasses will also make it easier for you to see the bands and artists when the sun is out at full force.  Just make sure you get a cheap pair of sunglasses in case they get lost or damaged.

Rain poncho

We all hope it won’t rain, but the odds are often against us. You can get a cheap simple rain poncho from Walmart or even a dollar store.

A water bottle

This one is a bit tricky. All venues are different; some allow you to bring in any type of water bottle. Others, like Osheaga, require you to bring in a clear bottle, empty of any liquids. However, most venues do have water fountains all over the site. Check the festival’s website before going to make sure you know their policies for bringing food and liquids on the premises!

Cash and debit/credit cards

Most food services and merchandising stands only accept cash, so it’s wise to bring plenty of it – especially because everything is more expensive than you would probably believe! Normally, venues have multiple ATMs around the premises, but be prepared for the 3$ service charge and long lineups.


This would be your driver’s license or your province-issued identification card. This is only important for two things. The first, in case there’s an issue with your ticket and you have to prove that it’s actually your own, and second, if you want to buy alcohol.

Cell phone

The only two electronics you need at a festival! The phone is important to check the music festival app (if they have one), or to find your friends that you lost in the crowd. A lot of festivals have free charging stations for your phones now, so you can leave your bulky charger at home!


Your favorite band is playing, obviously, you need to document the moment, so make sure on the festival’s website that you can bring in your camera. Most festivals don’t allow professional cameras on site. P.S: Don’t forget extra batteries!

Band-Aids/ Tylenol

Things can get pretty crowded, so you might get injured or stepped on, or even a headache from the blaring music. You can’t go wrong if you brought Band-Aids or Tylenol.

Your ticket!

This is self-explanatory, but it’s your gateway to a good time - don’t forget it at home!

Some extra tips:

  • Put everything into a small backpack or an over-the-shoulder purse. You’ll want to be hands- and worry-free! Just make sure your bag isn’t too bulky, because then it could ruin someone else’s festival experience.
  • Don’t wear sandals because the terrain will become muddy and you’ll probably lose a shoe. It’s best to wear comfortable and potentially disposable shoes.
  • If you want a good view, arrive early. It’ll also allow you to map out the festival and learn where all the important kiosks and venues are.  Which brings us to…
  • Finally, map out the festival before you go. Many festivals have a multitude of bands playing at once in different venues. Figuring this out ahead of time allows you to get the most out of your ticket and see as many bands as possible!