Nathan Anderson '18

This week’s Campus Cutie is Nathan Anderson from the small town of St. Andrews, NB! Nathan is a charming first year whose talents range from beat boxing to wrestling.


St. Andrews, NB


Anthropology and religious studies.



What are some of your turn-ons?

Brown hair, tattoos, and a nice smile. Down to earth, chill, and passions are an awesome feature.

How about turn-offs?

Stuck up, immature and dramatic people

What would be your ideal date?

I'm up for anything [because] I'm not picky. If someone wanted to take me on my ideal date, then I want to go on their ideal date.

Describe yourself in one sentence:

Laid back, easy-going guy with a diverse pool of interests and hobbies.

You’re allowed only one magical power, what is it?

Telekinesis; the ability to move stuff with my mind.

Your favourite thing about St. Thomas so far is...?

The friends I've made here are amazing!