Marco Cordoni '17

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Marco Cordoni! Marco is a second-year student from Rome, Italy, who has a romantic side! Guess what ladies? He’s single!


Criminology, initially. Now it’s very much undecided.


Rome, Italy

Relationship status:

Single and super ready to mingle.

Why did you choose to come to STU?

STU had... something that attracted me. I am not quite sure what it is but I felt drawn to it, instantly.

What attracts you to a girl?

Honestly? Nothing in particular. I love women, haha! You like me and I like you? I'm game for it, lets go!

What turns you off from a girl?

As I said, I love women, that being said, if you have too many piercings and/or tattoos? Nope.

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Nice candle-light dinner, a nice walk in the park, and top it all up with a nice kiss under the stars, but also junk food, a silly movie and cuddles will do the trick.

What’s your favourite movie?

Way too many to pick one.

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?


What is your dream job?

As long as that job allows me to travel a lot, meet new people and discover other cultures... that's the dream!