How To Beat the Winter Blues

It was brought to my attention during class last week - we are having winter this year. The roads and sidewalks are nasty, the weather sucks and it is so cold your face is practically numb on the walk to class. You feel unmotivated to go to school in the morning because of the never-ending workload ahead of you both class and weather-wise.

Well, fear not. I have a survival guide to beat those winter blues!

Get your groove on!

First thing's first: create a morning routine you can rock out to. If you're like me and under-motivated in the mornings the trick is to make a great playlist. Download some happy, dance-y pop music and hit 'play' the second you get up.

My playlist is on cue with my alarm, so I wake up to music worth dancing and rocking out to. Be sure to belt those tunes out in the shower too! Recent studies show singing in the shower actually reduces stress! So get your favorite Queen Bey tunes ready for some morning karaoke!

Break out the hot cocoa!

Now, we all have our puffy wool knits ready for this season, but there's another stress-busting way to keep warm. On the way to school, sip a nice hot coffee or tea, whatever your preference! I personally love Starbucks caramel swirl coffee, you can buy it at most grocery stores and Starbucks itself. As soon as I wake up, I put the coffee maker on, so by the time I am out of the shower and dressed my favourite blend is hot and ready to go. It seriously makes the walk to school so much better!

Hit the gym!

Have you been feeling kind of down since the weather turned cold? Under-motivated? Constantly tired? You may be showing symptoms of SAD, which is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a disorder most commonly associated with winter and the colder seasons. The best way to kick this is actually easier than you think! Hitting the gym is a great way to release endorphins that reduce your chances being affected this winter. So get your sweats on and your lulu's ready - it's time to hit the treadmill, ladies!

Get comfy!

Make your room a winter getaway! When the day is done and all of my homework is finished I like to go on a little escape - in the comfort of my own room. I've found myself boosting the heat in my room to make it feel like summer, with fluffy blankets and twinkling lights, a nice glass of wine and my latest Netflix addiction - Army Wives - when it's time to relax. Time to let the weather outside hide beyond my curtains! So why not make your place a mini getaway? Just be sure not to make it too comfy, or you'll never want to leave!

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