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Halloween Safety 101

Happy Halloween, collegiettes! Crazy parties, awesome costumes, spooks and fools are all around tonight!

But, just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be safe! In order to have a good night, we’ve got to go through some must-do’s for the scariest night of the year.

Rule #1: Travel in groups

So you’re at an awesome party with the girls past the Witching Hour. If you decide to leave, be sure to have a friend go home with you – statistics show sexual assaults and robberies are high on Halloween. With so many pranks keeping police and paramedics busy, you might just be a victim of you don’t protect yourself.

Other safety tips to keep in mind are:

  • Carrying pocket bear mace
  • Talking on the phone while you walk home. You’re less likely to be attacked if you’re busy on the phone chatting with a friend or parent from home. Just remember to still be aware of your surroundings!
  • Stay at a friends house
  • Have a sober buddy to walk you home
  • Take SafeRide if you’re near STU or UNB campus
  • Call SafeWalk (Campus Police will often walk you home if you’re close to campus or in the dorms)

Rule #2: Guard your drinks

Tonight there will definitely be some awesome-looking drinks.  Halloween has a bunch of custom drinks of its own, but beware of cute guys bearing drinks! Tonight you’ll see colors and spooky things but don’t let yourself be fooled by these – from personal experiance the more pretty colors you see the more likely you are to have had something slipped into your cup.

If you begin to feel out of it on a level you haven’t felt before, leave immediatley with a friend or go to the nearest hospital. Believe me ladies, it is scary to go to the hospital as it is but it’s worse to not know how you got there. Only buy your own drinks, or take them from the bartender themselves. Keep your hand over the top of your cup while walking and say “no” to anyone offering you a drink if you don’t know them.

Rule #3: Masks are for kids

If you plan to drink, a mask isn’t a good decision. You need to be able to see clearly because your vision will be foggy as it is. One missing piece of your costume never outweighs the risk of suffocation or losing sight of your surroundings.

Rule #4: Have fun!

If you stay safe and follow these easy tips, a great night is in your future! Remember, these are the best years of your life here at STU, so be sure to enjoy them!

Here’s to a safe and happy Halloween!

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