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Emma Chapple: Passing the Her Campus Torch

Founder of St. Thomas University’s Her Campus chapter, Emma Chapple, has been the editor-in-chief of Her Campus since its beginning last year, but this semester will be her last. Emma has decided that at the end of this term she will pass the torch on to two other Her Campus members: Kattiana Fugere and Alyssa Richard-Gallant.

The feeling of matching Emma’s work and skills within Her Campus has Alyssa nervous but confident.

“I hope that we can live up to the expectations that the contributors have for us and continue to run HC as smoothly as possible.”

Emma Chapple

Kattiana is also optimistic about their future as co-presidents. “Emma did an amazing job with Her Campus over the past two terms, and I’m just going to continue her legacy.”

Her Campus STU has gained popularity over this past semester and has elevated from a gold chapter to a pink chapter, the highest rank a Her Campus chapter can become. Emma is proud of their newest achievement of becoming a pink chapter.

“I think it might have had something to do with our size because we are smaller so a larger percentage is reading us.”

Alyssa Richard-Gallant

We can expect a few changes to Her Campus being made next year as they make the transition to the new co-presidents. Alyssa says that she’d like for them to continue moving forward with their use of social media because she believes that it’s a big part of how it can get their name out there and become more successful.

“I think there will be some changes after Emma leaves. She started Her Campus at STU so it's run based on her vision. With two new people taking over I believe that changes will be made but nothing too big.”

Kattiana hopes that students will become more involved with Her Campus next year as she plans for bigger events.

Kattiana Fugere

As Emma prepares herself to pass on Her Campus to Alyssa and Kattiana, she will be ready for more time to relax and work on her blog.

“I’ve been neglecting my blog just because I just haven’t had the time and my heart wasn’t really in it; I was only doing it for the page readings. I would like to devote more time to that and just do some more things online.”

Alyssa is optimistic for the new future of Her Campus.

“This year compared to last year shows how much we've already grown and I can't wait to continue to see that growth!”

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