Confessions of a First Year: What University Ruins

University is where you make memories that will stick with you your whole life. You make new friends, have new experiences, explore new ideas, and your perspectives change.

In fact, after your first year, you'll realize you might have been wrong about a lot. These are some things I will never look at the same way.


There are so many things wrong with college showers. You never know what you will find left over from the person who used it before you. Best case scenario, they left their shampoo in the shower. Worst case: they left enough hair on the walls to make a wig.

Also, dorm showers ruin all other showers! I cannot shower at home without wondering if I should have flip-flops on so I don’t catch athlete’s foot. Ew.


Maybe it’s different for you science or math majors, but I for one am done with reading of all kinds. Textbooks, novels, articles, the back of the shampoo bottle, you name it! Before university, I spent my summers curled up with the books I had been too busy to read. With the hours of reading I did this year, I plan to spend my summers not reading a thing.

Ordering In

Chinese food, pizza, and wings used to be a luxury. But after all those late-night pizza calls which got me through all-nighters and breakups, I’m starting to crave vegetables. We never questioned that Mom had the best cooking, but I have a renewed hunger for some home-cooked meals.

Personal space

Dorms are the dying place of personal space and privacy. If you have a roommate, every night is a sleepover - complete with blocking out the sounds of snoring and the occasional "adult sleepover."

Everyone knows when you come home. Either it’s early from a bad date, which you’ll have to fill your neighbours in on, or late from a date that went better than planned, which you’ll have to tell the whole wing about the next morning. It’s hard to imagine anyone having personal space or privacy when I can hear my neighbour’s cellphone vibrate through the wall when they get a text.

Your sleep schedule

Before university, I got a solid eight hours of sleep every night. Now, it’s an accomplishment if I can get six. Between that 8:30 AM crim class and lunch, there was always room for a nap! But then you aren’t tired until 4:00 AM, so you used that time to watch the entire fourth season of Gossip Girl. It becomes a vicious cycle that you won’t be able to break until the summer.

Your life changes when you go to university. Whether it’s a fond memory or a story about your crazy roommate, certain things will always remind you of these four years!

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