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9 Must-Haves For Winter in Fredericton

If you haven’t noticed, it has gotten a little bit colder lately here on campus. If you’re like me, you don’t want to leave your room some times its so cold. Well, collegiettes, I’ve got you covered to make sure you’ll stay styling and warm this winter! Here are nine must-have items:


Yes, this is a very ‘basic’ item, but credit where credit is due. They’re incredibly warm, especially if you invest in a good-quality pair. My personal favourite spot to get them is every girl’s shopping destination this holiday season, JustFab.ca. For the uninitiated, Just Fab is a clothing and shoe site with great prices and amazing quality clothes. It’s almost an injustice not to grab something off of the site, with its crazy low shipping costs!

The site features a wide array of styles, sizes and warmth levels for UGGs and similar products, while staying reasonably priced! I’ve had my pair for two years now and they are still in fantastic shape while keeping my feet extra-warm this season!

Oversized wool sweaters

These are sold everywhere from Roots to Walmart and, during the winter season this is a major staple to your warm wardrobe. My favourite place to find them is Old Navy (oldnavy.ca). The trick with these is to always buy a size bigger than you need for extra comfort. You can also wear a t-shirt or tank underneath for extra warmth. You can dress them up or down for any occasion, so they are the perfect item for your winter wardrobe!

Thermal leggings

Ladies, we all know that lulu’s are the best, but this time of year you need to think comfort over label. Thermal leggings are a great investment this time of year as not only do you get to be comfy, but you get to stay warm and look great.

With so many places to buy them, there is no excuse not to have a pair (or five, like myself). Thermal leggings are almost the same as regular leggings, but they are made with a special material that makes them much warmer than your average pair. In fact, I’ve worn mine while skiing and doing winter sports for hours without feeling cold whatsoever! If you want a pair for a good price, check out the ones at Mark’s on Prospect St. for a great selection and price range.

Wool socks

Your dad may wear them to work all the time, or maybe you’ve seen those army boys wear them day in and day out. Let’s be honest, they are for more warmth than comfort. But recently, several stores Garage, American Eagle, Roots and more have all produced great knee-high wool socks this winter! After making a fashionable twist to this very old item, they are now the hottest sock of the season! My roommate is addicted to them and I can see why – they are warm, comfortable and now, very fashion-forward!

Thermal mugs

Everyone loves their coffee or herbal teas, but there’s nothing worse than having your once-hot drink turn cold. This winter, you can easily avoid this tragedy!

You can find these cute travel mugs almost anywhere! My personal fave is my Starbucks mug – it keeps my coffee hot for hours on end. Others prefer mugs from David’s Tea, Teavana and many other coffee or tea retailers. You will never have trouble finding a great looking thermal travel mug. They might look a little pricey, but trust me, the investment is worth it.

Fleece throws

It’s Friday night, you’ve taken a break from studying and have been dieing to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. The only problem is, it’s so chilly in your apartment or dorm.

Fear not, because fleece throws are everywhere! Target is one of the hotspots to find huge fluffy throws perfect for curling up with a good cup of hot cocoa and Netflix. Other places to check are Indigo (they have the highest quality, but are a little on the pricey side), Quilts Etc., and Walmart.

Infinity scarfs

The pefect combination: warm, cozy and stylish. Every girl has one nowadays, and there is no question as to why! They look great and keep us warm. Again, my favourite has to be from Old Navy. They have thick and soft wool scarves that strike the perfect balance between bulky and stylish. But, if you don’t feel like taking a roadtrip to the nearest Old Navy, you definitely won’t have any trouble finding them elsewhere!


Canada Goose is so overrated. Peacoats are a fancier alternative to the ubiquitous puffy parka, and can be incredibly warm if you find the right one. It might take a little shopping around, but it’ll pay off when you’re looking (and feeling) hot.


You might think this trend is limited to the guys, but lately I’ve been finding myself reaching for mine more and more. With the cold weather destroying my hair every day on the walk to school, my beanie contains my hair, protects me from the cold, and actually looks cute!

You can wear them with most comfy outfits, and they are a great source of warmth and style. You can find a great selection at Target, and even Le Chateau!

Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort? Stay warm, everyone!

I am that random chick from campus that writes in the back of her note books and loves to go running. I have marathons of Sex and The City with my girls and will never pass up ice cream, wine or crepes .. ever. I'm from a small town but like all girls I have big dreams and the world is my never ending chance for opportunity. Feel free to say Hi when you see me, I am always open to meeting new people :)
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