8 Things That Every Sassy Girl Can Relate To

1. People always take you seriously

The most annoying thing is when people actually take you seriously when you’re being sarcastic about something.

2. You’re always getting told that you have a lot of sass

If I had a dollar for every time someone said that I had a lot of sass, I could pay for college, a semester abroad, a new car, and a mansion in cash.

3. Being called sassy is the biggest compliment ever

You don’t know how much we love it when people call us sassy. Honestly it feels like we accomplished the biggest goal ever - being the Queen of Sass.

4. We have absolutely no tolerance for any pettiness

You show us any nonsense, we show you the door. We don’t play around when it comes to pettiness.

5. Don’t try to argue with us, because we will always win

We have this thing where we’re very stubborn and we will literally argue until you get tired and give up.

6. We will tell you how it is. No filter. #SorryNotSorry

One thing about us is we will always tell you the truth, doesn’t matter how harsh it will be. If we think you need to know the truth, we will tell you. We'd just rather stay real with you instead of sugar-coating it.

7. The one Emoji you always use on your iPhone is this:

Because even while texting, you have to show your sassiness.

8. You didn’t choose the sassy life, the sassy life chose you

'Nuff said.

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