7 Times Tina Belcher Taught Us About Life

We love a good episode of Bob's Burgers, but if we had to pick a favourite character, it would hands-down be the unlikely feminist icon that is Tina.  Even though sometimes we'd like to forget those awkward middle school years, something about watching Tina navigate the ups and downs of life and love in the hallway is just too relatable. 

In honour of our favourite strong, smart and sensual woman, here are the seven times Tina Belcher taught us about life.

When she taught us to stay humble:

When she mastered the art of small talk:

When she showed us the correct way to give out your number:

When she reminded us that we all deal with heartbreak:

When she stood up for equal rights:

When she flirted better than we ever did in middle school:

And finally, when she showed us all how to love ourselves no matter what:

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