6 Ideas For Your Next Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

It’s that time of year again! Time to put up the Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols and just be in a holy jolly mood! One of the best things about the holiday season at university is the fun parties, and yes, I’m talking about the ugly Christmas sweater parties!

When you go to parties like these, you have to think outside of the box and be creative. Here are some fun DIY ideas to make you stand out! Enjoy!

1. Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

What better way to come to an ugly Christmas sweater party than to come as a human tree? Find a green sweater and glue some tinsel around your sweater. Then, glue some Christmas ball ornaments all over the sweater just like you’re decorating a real tree. Don’t forget the star! 

2. The Tree Skirt-Skirt

Ridiculously simple, yet totally adorable. Head to your local department store and buy a tree skirt. To add a little bit a style to it, buy a cute ribbon in a matching colour or pattern! This is the perfect outfit if you want to stay stylish and cute.

3. Christmas Bow Dress

Find an old dress (or buy a cheap one) and glue a bunch of Christmas present bows to it. Make sure you buy different bows in a variety of sizes and colours, so it’ll make your dress pop!

4. Ugly Christmas Headband

The perfect accessory for your sweater! Buy a headband and glue Christmas lights or ball ornaments all the way around. You can mix and match the colours to make it more fun and creative!

5. Tinsel Dress

If you're a fan of flashy and tacky Christmas sweaters, this is the perfect way to step it up for a night! To avoid being itchy all night, make sure you’re wearing shorts and a tank top underneath when you glue the tinsel together to make the outfit.

6. Christmas Hair Bow

This is a cute idea that can complement any party look. Buy a decorative Christmas bow and simply bobby pin it in your hair. After all, who says that everything needs to be ugly?