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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active During Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at STU (CA) chapter.

Stay strong, collegiettes – it’s almost here! That long-awaited week off from textbooks, essays, and pints upon pints of caffeinated beverages will soon be upon us! If you’re not privileged enough to be getting away from all this snow, why not take advantage of it?

While you may be tempted to lay in bed and binge on Netflix for the entire week, getting off the couch and out of the house could do your body and brain some good! Here are five of the many ways you can have fun and stay active during Spring Break 2015:

1. Hit the slopes

The classic winter/no school activity for kids of all ages! Whether you’re a bunny-hill type of person or a master of the slopes, skiing guarantees a day of complete and total fun.

Not only will it give you that sun-kissed glow all of your friends down south will be getting, but it can provide you will plenty of health benefits, too! Skiing is known to burn up to 3000 calories during a six-hour day! Tone your stomach and leg muscles, boost your immunity, and even relieve depression while you make the best of your day on the slopes.

Staying in Fredericton? Hit up Crabbe Mountain – it’s less than an hour away from the city, and always has a shuttle bus ready to get you there!

2. Grab your snowshoes

Snowshoeing is an awesome way to stay active and explore the outdoors during the winter! It gets your heart pumping, builds and tones those muscles, and it’s even low-impact for those of you who have bad knees or just want an easy, versatile, and accessible way to stay active over the break.

Just like any other type of exercise outside, it alleviates common depression and replaces it with a healthy, wholesome alternative to those bland gyms you’re so used to visiting (and dreading). If you’re looking for a new local adventure, check out the Mactaquac Provincial Park’s nature trails that are open all year round! For all the other winter activities available here, check out Tourism New Brunswick!

3. Lace ‘em up

Got an old pair of skates hanging around? Zooming around on your blades is a fantastic way to get active and embrace winter! Another low-impact activity that gets your blood flowing, ice skating also improves your balance and coordination. You use a lot of small stabilizer muscles that don’t usually get worked in everyday activities, as well as larger leg and core muscles – everybody wins!

In case you haven’t already checked it out, head downtown to Officer’s Square for a (free!) skate in the fresh winter air in the heart of Fredericton!

4. Embrace your inner kid

How long has it been since you’ve gone sliding? Whether it’s been since your elementary school days or just last winter, sliding is an awesome way to ensure some active winter fun and, even better, some laughs with friends! Walking back and forth up and down the hills will have you burning off those midterm munchies like crazy, and of course, laughter and fun is the best medicine.

Not sure where to go sliding in the city? We hear Odell Park has some great hills!

5. Run, run, run!

If you have no time for any of these go-to winter activities, bear the cool temperatures on your week off and take the scenic route around town! Running is a great way to stay active and explore the city all at the same time. Be sure to dress for the occasion!

If running is way out of your league, grab a buddy and go for a nice walk. Fredericton has tons of beautiful nature trails – check out all of the possibilities at Tourism Fredericton!

Take advantage of Spring Break in all the rights ways and for all the right reasons – clear your mind, treat your body right, and you’ll be on the uphill climb to the last month of classes! Have fun and stay safe, ladies!

First-year STUdent from where the wild things are. Loves music, running, and writing. Animal and useless fact enthusiast. Movie quote queen and Miss Minto 2014 (somehow). Would-be Janis Joplin and Marlon Brando lovechild. Learning how to be a rock and not to roll - getting better everyday.