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Weekly Wanderlust – Zanzibar

With the Easter holidays upon us and the sun still showing no signs of appearing, a week basking in the sun is a delightful thought, but sadly for many, will remain a daydream as we continue wandering the dreary streets of Glasgow and studying for the looming exams.


Zanzibar. The name itself sparks images of glorious, tropical surroundings, and even better, the beautiful images that are cropping up on my Instagram newsfeed confirm that this paradise does exist. Over 7,000 miles away off the coast of Tanzania, lies Africa’s jewel that is yet to be discovered by many, and whether you are looking for a period of relaxation after a monumental trek up Mt Kilimanjaro, or, a trip filled with luxury, recreational activities, this is the place for you.

Zanzibar is by no means short of a spa or two and ‘Meliá Resort and Spa’ will most definitely be sufficient for any bidding traveller looking for a moment of respite.


For the more adventure seeking holidaymaker, this sumptuous island has plenty of activities to offer. One in particular comes to mind, which allows you to explore the crystal clear sea surrounding the island: Kayaking!


I think the photo speaks for itself!

One thing that is certainly worth a mention is the local cuisine. A mixture between its Swahili origins and various other cultures, such as Portuguese and Chinese, helps make the food as magnificent as it is. The classic Biryani curry dish is made with either fish or chicken with LOTS of spices, definitely worth a try! Alternatively, for the more daring traveller why not try the ‘mchuzi wa pweza’ (Octopus curry) pictured below:


An opportunity to visit this marvellous island is just too good to pass up, with plenty to do for almost every type of tourist. So, you better start saving your loose change as it all adds up!


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