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Top 5 Coffee shop stops in Glasgow

Whether you need a boost on the way to uni, or a relaxing cuppa after just being put to sleep in a lecture, Glasgow has some fabulous coffee shops that will be sure to satisfy your needs! (No, this is not including Starbucks).


  1. Wilson Street Pantry



Classy doesn’t always have to come at a hefty price. Being only a 5 minute walk from campus, Wilson Street Pantry has everything to offer. Great coffee, great atmosphere, and the breakfast menu is beyond delicious – always a bonus!


2. Cup Tea Lounge


This many not be as ‘student-friendly’ priced as the pantry, but it is up there as one of the best coffee shop stops in Glasgow! It may not be a grab’n’go sort of place, but if you are looking to treat yourself after a horrendous day at uni, this is an idea! They serve up a great afternoon tea (Book in advance), and…. It turns into the famous Gin71 at night. You really cannot get much better than this!


3. Laboratorio Espresso

As a ‘newbie’ to the Glasgow coffee scene, it has already made its mark! Looking for that pick me up to make it up those Strathclyde hills? Pop in here for a fiery espresso shot or unwind with a cappuccino and something from their appetizing, selection of cakes!


4. Once Upon A Tart

You may feel as though you have just wandered into the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but that is its charm! This quirky coffee shop is a little further out, situated nearer Trongate, but the cake slices offered are the size of a small planet, so you will be here for quite a while anyways!


5. Riverhill Coffee Bar

Located just outside central station, you couldn’t come across anything handier for those Strathclyde students who enjoy their jaunt on the train to and fro uni. Squeezed in between some pretty dreadful shops, it doesn’t exactly scream out “Fantastic!” However, the high quality coffee on offer, as well as the friendly staff, make it a winner.

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