Strathclyde Survival: Zombie Apocalypse!

Now ladies, I don’t want to be accused of being a scaremonger but if there is one thing in life that we should be aware of it’s the Zombie apocalypse.

If like me you are an avid follower of AMC’s The Walking Dead  based on the comics of the same name, you’ll know as I do that there is danger all around – not just from the Zombies but from other people.

Bearing this in mind I think that whilst we are not faced with blood thirsty walkers/ biters/scratchers/geeks/zombies or whatever name you chose to call them, a guide to which Strathclyde building you should chose is of the up most importance.

(Disclaimer, these are my personal views- not the offical views of the offical Anti-Zombie Apocalypse League.)

Building number one:

Livingstone Tower. Unfortunately, in the Zombie apocalypse this building is not your friend. With its multiple secret stair ways there are plenty of ways for the mindless beings – not to be mistaken with a drunken fresher – wandering around to get to you.  Also it is important to remember that the only way is up, so once you’re at the top, you’re stuck. Now, I know there is a lift system but even if there was electricity, the Livingstone Tower lifts are not reliable. Therefore stay away from the tower.

Building number two:

Graham Hills. Not my personal choice but I can see its many survivable features. The Building is spread over three parts and each has its own hidden corridors and perfect hidey holes from the living dead. Also with access to two streets it would make a getaway more possible than some other buildings.  However I’m not convinced that at some point you would not get stuck down the bottom of a corridor with a herd full of zombies coming towards you or that you wouldn’t get split from your group.

Building number three:

Royal College. In a non-zombie apocalypse time I try and stay away from the Royal College. Why? It’s a maze and inevitably you’ll end up in James Weir, and this is why it’s a bad choice from surviving the apocalypse, far too many ways for the biters to come get you. It’s too hard to defend and in a much similar way to Graham Hills I’m not convinced that it would encourage group unity.

Building number four:

Lord Hope or as my lecturer calls it No Hope. Now as much as you could use the spinning door as a way to trap walkers, eventually some scratchers will get in and therefore get you. And in a much similar way to the Livingstone tower the only way is up but in the strange design theory you can’t get on to the floors without a key. Now, whether these doors would still lock without electricity is a wait and see-er but either way you’re locked in or you can’t lock them out.

Building Number five:

The Andersonian Library.  This is my personal preference and I’ll tell you why. Firstly the Walkers need to walk up the stairs to get in to the library and by constructing some defences, bearing in mind these are Walking Dead zombies we’re talking about and these aren’t the smartest, you could fashion spikes providing a sort of medieval protection.  Hopefully, the walkers that make it past your defences will be like your average first year and think level three is the only level and not go any further but in any case. Level one with its secret exit to the street would be a good place to hide. Alternatively Level two which also has a secret street exit is another good location. Four and Five with their two other stair cases also provide an exit way. Furthermore you can use the book shelves as defence and still get some education in the Zombie apocalypse.  However I won’t pretend the library is perfect, yet I believe it offers the most protection and access to escape if you get overrun.

Therefore if you find yourself on Campus in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, I wish you luck and also that you’ll use this as a means for survival. 

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