Pathway to Success

The first two years of your university life seems like a never-ending time of friends, fun, the occasional deadline, and the satisfaction of asking for a student discount. However, if you’re like me and approaching the end of your university career or are starting to think about what you’d like to do, you should investigate the many career and graduate events here at Strathy. 

One such offering is the Strathclyde Enterprise Pathway. Although it sounds all about business and indeed is endorsed by Sir Tom Hunter, it is also an option for Humanities and other schools here at Strathclyde. However, the core concept behind it is enhancing the transferable skills sought by almost every employer. 

There are three stages:

 1) Enterprise Footsteps: Six sessions of interactive workshops that will develop your transferable skills, and for attendance to five or more sessions your reward is a bronze level certificate endorsed by the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE).  This stage is optional for PGRS and ECRS

  2) Enterprise Academy: A weekend of training to enhance your business skills, including team building as you work in teams to compete in the final stages of the programme. There is also a chance to get a Level 2 Certificate in Preparing for Business Enterprise. PGRs earn 10 academic credits by taking part in this stage and submitting coursework, and Silver level certification endorsed by The Hunter Centre will be given to participants who complete this stage.

3) Furthermore leading on from the Enterprise Academy are a series of shortlisted stages which have cash prizes and the chance to have lunch with Sir Tom Hunter.

This is an exciting and innovative programme which will boost your CV beyond belief, but don’t just take my word for it. I caught up with Enterprise Pathway Representative Amy McGowan about why you should consider the Pathway. “It’s a completely free programme that allows students/researchers to develop, enhance and test their transferable skills and to tap into their entrepreneurial mindset. :)It is not just for business students, it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be or want to be an entrepreneur either. It’s all about learning to think and work like one. Entrepreneurs think on their feet and use their initiative well. This is what enterprise pathway will teach you to do with the help of industry experts and top entrepreneurs giving you tips and advice - plus the winners will get £1000 and lunch with Sir Tom Hunter, so that’s a big bonus too!”



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