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Let’s Talk Being Campus Correspondents with Marjorie and Caitlin

This semester at HC Strath, Marjorie and Caitlin took the plunge and decided to become the campus correspondants for the chapter at Strathclyde University. Caitlin, who had previously been campus correspondant before going on exchange, was extremely happy to be returning to the role and this time sharing it with one of her best friends Marjorie who was so enthusiastic and excited to join the leadership team! Now we have reached the end of the semester, the girls are reflecting back on their time leading the chapter to discuss the highs and lows as well as what they have learned from the experience! 


So Marjorie and Caitlin, what has been your highlight of the semester running HC Strath?

C: I think we are both very appreciative that we have had such an amazing team this semester who have met deadlines, produced interesting content and have wrote about a diverse range of topics. We really value each and every member of the team and hope they return to be contributors after summer!

M: As Caitlin said, we have an amazing team at HC Strath and we are all friends too which makes the social events we host really fun! I would also say the highlight for me was sharing my experiences and photos from my travels during my exchange in our City Series which we launched this semester. 


What was the most challenging thing about leading the chapter this semester?

C: I would say that it was coming up with ideas for topics to write about. I suppose, when you run a blog, you are bound to get writer’s block. However, we looked at current events that were happening as well as the knowledge of our contributors to continually come up with unique ideas. 

M: We had a large team of contributors this semester so arranging meets that everyone could attend, as well as oganising and scheduling content was stressful at times!


What skills do you think you have improved through leading a team of contributors? 

M: I think that I have improved my communication skills as we had to continually keep on top of team members to ensure that we met content requirements on a weekly basis. 

C: I agree with Marjorie and also think I have improved my time management skills as knowing that you have weekly deadlines and requirements to meet means you have to plan your workload effectively to ensure that you get all tasks done!


What advice would you give a newly recruited campus correspondent? 

C: To advertise the chapter to students at your university to create a team of diverse writers who can each bring something different to the table!

M: To read through all of the resources given to you from HC HQ as they are very detailed and really contain some valuable information that helps you to understand the basics of running a chapter as well as all the technical know-how!


Lastly, why would you encourage someone to join an HC chapter? 

M: It is a great way to meet new people at your university who are like-minded and enjoy writing and reading blogs online!

C: It is really good experience to put on your CV and is aknowledged by employers! 


Thank you to Marjorie and Caitlin for being great Campus Correspondents throughout this semester!


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Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a third year BA (Hons) International Business student currently majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I am a lover of all things beauty and makeup related and in my spare time I love to read fashion and beauty blogs to keep up with the latest trends. I am also a keen traveller, having spent 4 months studying in Montreal, Canada last year which was the best experience of my life to date! 
I'm Marjorie, studying towards a BA Hons Degree in International Business. I have always lived in Glasgow and love what it has to offer in terms of shopping, restaurants and nightlife! In September 2016, I embarked on my international exchange to Milan, Italy for 4 months which I absolutely loved!! Studying abroad allowed me to meet some lovely new friends, taste delicious food and visit beautiful lakes and cities nearby. I love going out with friends, getting dressed up, trying new things and meeting new people!
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