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HC Strath Campus Celebrity: Chiara Giovanazzi

This weeks campus celebrity is…. Miss Chiara Giovanazzi who is known for her dreamy taste in fashion, guilty of taking a selfie or two and is most likely to be found on a night out in Glasgow. We caught up with Chiara today and here’s what she had to say about herself!

Name: Chiara Giovanazzi

Year: 2

Studying: International Business with Modern Languages

Which 3 words describe you best? : Loyal, worrier, outgoing

What are your three favourite things to do in Glasgow? : I love eating out all the time, spending my Friday and Saturday nights in kokomo and shopping on Buchanan Street

What’s been your most embarrassing moment? : When I spilt a tray of drinks all over a customer in work and burst into tears…

What is your dream job? : To be the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia

Who is your celeb crush? : Leonardo DiCaprio

Quick Fire Qs

Summer or Winter? Summer

Name 3 celebs you would want to go on a night out with? Jennifer Lawrence, Jack Whitehall, Kevin Hart

Brad or Angelina? Neither – Jen all the way

Trump or Clinton? Clinton



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