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Good habits for Semester Two 2013/2014

Welcome back to the first week of the second semester of 2013/2014!

We all say it every semester, this semester I will get my act together and be ready for the new semester but it’s a struggle. So we are here to give you the run down on what you need to get organized and “in shape” for your classes and upcoming assignments.

Get a Planner!

It doesn’t need to be a FiloFax or the latest sparkly, flowery or even animal planner that will most likely cost you an arm or a leg! Just get the good old 2014 planner, which will even do you through the summer and into the first semester after the summer holidays – talk about forward planning!

Use this to put in your assignment due dates, exams or the reading that you need to do for your next seminar or tutorial.

Sticky notes!

A must no matter what degree you are doing! They are fantastic for book marking a page in a 1000 page textbook or for even just scribbling down a note to stick on top of your laptop or lecture notes. Also when it comes to exams sticky notes are great for revising… put your quotes/facts on your mirror and memories as you brush your teeth.

A4 notebook

Don’t be that person borrowing paper at the first lecture, go get organized and be prepared! The same goes for pens (but we thought that was a given)!


Every week or even after every lecture put your lecture notes into folders, this will make it easier to find your notes for the class when it comes to assignment or exams.


Carry some water and a snack around with you particularly if you have a long day ahead. You never know when you will be hungry or thirsty and typically when that happens your lecture runs late and you can’t make it to a café before your next class so save yourself the stress and money. 

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