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Five tips to avoid procrastinating!

It is mid-semester therefore assignments are coming in from all directions, deadlines are quickly approaching and uni begins to fell like a full time job! Of course, we all procrastinate when we know we have a tonne of work to do but continuously try to put off doing it by scrolling endlessly on Instagram or painting our nails! 

However, the work we have to do won’t get done itself, therefore its good to know some tips to avoid procrastinating to get on with your never ending workload! Here we are sharing 5 with you:

1. Make a To Do list. Writing everything down rather than having it in your head will clear your head and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand!

2. Change your environment. Switch it up where you do work, spend some days at home at your desk and other days in the library for a more varied routine.

3. Tidy your desk. A clean and tidy work surface instantly makes you feel more organised.

4. Use a diary to schedule your tasks to ensure you meet deadlines.

5. Go to bed early and wake up early. Make sure you get plenty of sleep to allow your brain to function well throughout the day. 


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Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a third year BA (Hons) International Business student currently majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I am a lover of all things beauty and makeup related and in my spare time I love to read fashion and beauty blogs to keep up with the latest trends. I am also a keen traveller, having spent 4 months studying in Montreal, Canada last year which was the best experience of my life to date! 
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