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Essential’s For Your Bikini Body This Summer

Its that time of year again! Yes! Bikini season!

Here at HC Strath we have narrowed down the essentials to get that fantastic summer body!

Eating healthy!

Yes we want a pizza too but, eating lots of fruit and vegetables everyday will have you feeling happier and healthier in no time at all!

Weight training!

It’s a myth that weight training is immediately going to get you big and muscled! Weight training is fantastic for toning up and allegedly it keeps working after the gym too!


Any type of cardio is great for you as it gets you sweating …eww! However it is a must for a healthier lifestyle and that bikini body!

Getting enough beauty sleep!

When you sleep your body uses lots of energy therefore its essential that you get at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night. Plus we all need our beauty sleep!


Try and get into a routine for when you will have your meals and when you go to sleep! Doing this helps you stay focused.

(Please note that this article is the view of the author and please seek the advice of a health professional) 

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