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Amy Fleming Class Rep!

How did you become Class Rep and for what class?

I became a Class Rep for the first time during my First year of university, it was then for both my History class and my Geography class. I volunteered myself for the role as I enjoy being pro-active at univeristy. I’m in Third year now and I volunteered again to be a Class Rep for my Cold-War Europe class.

Why did you decide to do it a second time?

I enjoyed myself the first time round. But in all honesty with the History course breaking down into individual modules there was more of an opportunity to make more of a direct impact on the course for myself and the rest of the class, as well for future classes too.

What do Class Reps do?

Class Reps are there to take feedback from the students and present it to our lecturers and tutors and let them know what we think and if there is any problems. It is the Reps job to be the bridge between the students and the university. They also attend the Student Congress each year where all the Class Reps get together and get a chance to discuss issues and help to make changes for the better!

Do people from your course that you are Class Rep for ever come to you with issues or suggestions?

Yeah of course! They have used the suggestion box on Myplace a few times with some issues and I have made sure that the university was informed of them. Also I have had some great comments from people on my course, which is always a good thing to let the university know about!

In your opinion do Class Reps really make a difference to the running of courses at Strathclyde?

I think that they do make a difference; Class Reps serve as a channel to make sure that student concerns and ideas are actually heard and taken seriously. Especially to those students who are maybe unsure about approaching the univeristy directly, we make it easier.

Will you apply to be Class Rep again?

Yeah definitely, I really enjoy being in the role and knowing that I can help out for the better. I’d love to take on an even greater role maybe something within the Strathclyde Union, who knows what fourth year holds!

Any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a Class Rep?

Don’t be shy, when asked at the start of the year just put your hand up and go for it! It’s a fun role and it isn’t a difficult one either.

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