5 Ways to Pimp Your Prosecco!

Pimp your Prosecco!!

Summer Berries

Slice some summer berries and pop them in your prosecco glass, it looks pretty and the fruit is extra tasty after it’s absorbed some prosecco too!


Candy Floss

If you’re like me, a total sweet-tooth, then popping a little bit of candy floss at the top of your glass will add an extra sweetness to the prosecco! Also looks very Instagram worthy!



Pop a Ball  have created an edible shimmer glitter to add a little sparkle to your drinks! They have a range of colours to choose from on their website! Making your prosecco look that little bit more festive!



Again, Pop a Ball  have created these amazing juicy bubbles to pimp your prosecco! The bubbles come in a huge range of flavours to suit your individual tastes! The bubbles pop in your mouth and the subtle flavour is released!



A little bit of Chambord goes a long way! It gives your prosecco a lovely flavour as well as turning it a pretty pink colour! Add in a couple of sliced strawberries or raspberries for the perfect prosecco!!


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