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5 Things you never knew you could do in Glasgow!

Is your social life stuck in a rut?

Between assignments, lectures, tutorial preparation and part time work, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to eat and sleep. It might be the case for some of you that whenever you do find time to let your hair down, it’s to watch your favourite TV series on Netflix or if you’re lucky, a night out in town! Ring any bells? Sometimes it can be easy to feel like you’re doing the same things day in day out, week in week out…

If you’re studying in a city like Glasgow with lots of fun things to see and do, why not explore it? Everyone knows it’s important to take time out from books sometime, why not spend that time taking up a new hobby, gaining a new skill or just having fun with something you’ve never done before? I’ve made a list of different things happening in Glasgow that will vamp up your social life (at the lowest price possible!)

Salsa dancing at Boteco do Brasil, Merchant City.

Every Wednesday at 18:45, Boteco do Brasil hold salsa dancing classes completely FREE. What’s not to like? You can keep fit and have fun at the same time as having to pay zero (which is always a plus for us students!) If you’re a bit nervous to go on your own at first, bring a partner. The more the merrier!

Glasgow Film Festival (ON NOW), Street Food Cinema, the Briggait.

Glasgow film festival always brings a variety of unique productions. Street food cinema combines some delicious dishes and a classic blockbuster. Why has no-one come up with this idea before!? Running all next weekend with Goodfella’s (21/2/14), When Harry Met Sally (22/2/14) and Withnail and I (23/2/14), the GFF presents a selection that accommodates for all audiences! Your ticket is £20, but this includes the price of the cinema and whatever delicacies are provided. It’ll be an entirely different cinema experience, so why not branch out?

Yoga and Meditation at Yoga Meditation and Healing, Great Western Road.

Yoga and meditation are amongst the most common most relaxing and revitalising activities, so if you’re bogged down by the pressure of uni, this might be the answer to your problems! Why not try yoga to start your day, with £4 a session for students who come in for the morning class! This particular centre has different varieties of yoga and meditation at all different levels. In fact, Yoga Meditation and Healing Glasgow are running a Meditation Stress management day on the 5th of May (just in time for exams) at £20 for students. So if you’re prone to the regular freak out at this time, it might be an idea to sign up.

Café Chat, foreign language conversationalist classes, various locations in Glasgow.

Have you got the basics of a foreign language? Maybe you studied at school and wished you had kept practising? Here’s your chance to get back into it! There are classes that encourage conversation in your choice of language and at the same time you can meet lots of interesting people interested too! This might be a daunting prospect, but once you master those nerves it could be really rewarding! The Òran Mór runs classes in Italian, Spanish and Mandarin. Café Rouge in Royal Exchange Square does the same thing with French! It is preferable that you have some kind of background in the language to attend though. Better get digging out those old vocab books!

Tuesdays at the Stand, Comedy Club.

Every Tuesday the Stand in the West End presents Red Raw, an open mic night where comedians come along to try out their new material! So you could be the first to hear some really funny stuff at only £2 a ticket that you can buy on the door. Talk about cheap night out, and one with lots of laughs too! It’s not uncommon for some of Scotland’s best and most well-known comedians to pop in from time to time as well.

These are only a few things that can reinvigorate your social life and take you away from the stress of all things uni related! There is something to suit all tastes in Glasgow, so make the most of it.

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Carly Ramsay3rd Year Undergraduate StudentStudying Geography and Law 
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