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Now that we are approaching the end of the semester, it is time to reflect. Almost every class I am taking has asked me to write some kind of absurdly long reflection on what I learned this semester, so therefore I am going to write a non-academic one. Perhaps this is a bit of an unconventional reflection, but here are the lessons that I have learned this semester:

Sometimes we need our friends to give us a little push.

One morning my friend Mary encouraged me to do a courageous act: walk up to an attractive man and talk to him. Usually, I enjoy playing the ever-so-alluring game of playing hard to get. However, I’ve come to the realization that I play so hard to get that I am participating in a one-person game.Although I did not want to go up to the man at first, Mary told me it was GAME TIME, so I got right out there and spoke to the attractive man. I was a bit nervous, but I let the cold brew that had just entered my veins take the lead. It turns out that the conversation went well, and I am still alive to tell everyone about how well it went. That little conversation did just what I wanted it to do, which is send the message that I am interested. Not to get too ahead of myself, but I think the interest is mutual. Good things come to those whose friends push them to get out there and talk to an attractive person. 

We may have to clear up some misconceptions.

There is a certain misconception that seems to be spreading around this campus, so I am here to clear it up. I am not graduating this year. I am a junior, so therefore I still have one more year of college left.Over the past two weeks, people have come up to me and congratulated me on reaching the end of my college career and entering the “real world.” One of the most memorable was when I was packing up my bag at the gym, and someone told me that I am going to change the world. Then two days later, my choir director asked me which song I would be interested in singing for a solo for the baccalaureate mass. I had to inform him that it isn’t my baccalaureate mass and that he still has one more year of dealing with my shenanigans. The thing is, I’ve informed eight of the nine people who congratulated me that I am not graduating this year. However, there was one person to who I just could not break the news. I don’t know whether it was because he seemed so genuinely happy and supportive or because I hadn’t had coffee yet, but I couldn’t find the words to tell him that I am not graduating this year—what a pleasant surprise for him when he sees me at the end of August. 

 I could easily be made fun of for many of the things I do. 

During the remote period this semester, it was brought to my attention that the notepad I keep in my backpack is “geeky.” If you are wondering who referred to my notepad as “geeky,” it was my mother. Personally, I enjoy my notepad because there are a lot of things that enter my brain throughout the day that I need to write down, or else they are lost forever. However, I now see that carrying around a notepad is not only borderline excessive but also a little strange based on the fact that I don’t see anyone else on this campus with a notepad. 
Another hot topic of conversation since one of my previous articles was published is my low screen time. People were amazed to hear that my average screen time is one hour and eleven minutes per day. I just have nothing important to do on my phone other than text my mom and check my co-star. Recently, I achieved a new personal record of an average screen time of fifty minutes per day. Quite honestly, when I received the notification informing me of my screen time, I did not feel a sense of accomplishment. Fifty minutes per day is absolutely ridiculous, and I give everyone permission to make fun of me for it. 

Dating should not be a “challenge”

Recently after talking to my friends about our current tea, I made a fascinating discovery. I think that sometimes we enjoy going after a person who seems “on the fence” about liking us back because it seems like a challenge. We believe that if we can ultimately “convince” them to like us back, then we must be pretty fantastic. A few of my friends have even said that if things feel too easy, then they simply are not interested anymore. Personally, I was a bit shocked to hear this based on the fact that I look forward to the day when things feel easy. This leads me to a realization that I would like to share: maybe if it is what is right for us at that time, then we won’t have to do all of this convincing. We won’t always be scheming, trying to figure out how to present ourselves in a way that makes us appear smart, funny, or exciting. Maybe the person will actually just be interested in us with no scheming required.After sharing this with one of my best friends, she told me that she was going to tell her suitemates this refreshing news as soon as possible. I guess if it was urgent news, then it is worth sharing this truth here. 

Everything will be okay.

On a more serious note, I would like to acknowledge the fact that things get better. The start of this semester was not particularly ideal. Quite honestly, during February and March, it felt like I was treading water between everything that was happening in my life. Although I’ve had a new little pep in my step for life for the last month or so, simply because I realize that I have a lot to look forward to. Later this month, I will be returning to my starring role as a substitute teacher. I cannot wait for the first morning when the kindergarten students will call me Mrs. Suzy again. I will be returning to the great state of Maine with my family, and I cannot wait for the first day that I get to tan outdoors with a UV index higher than 2. I am also looking forward to the first time my dad and I will roll down to the Lowell Dunkin’ Donuts on a Saturday morning in the Ford F150. It’s the little things for me.I’ve learned that everything will be okay, even if at the time it doesn’t feel that way. Even in the chaos, we can find things to look forward to. Eventually, life will slow down...at least a little bit. 
Erin Sousa

Stonehill '22

Erin is a senior at Stonehill College and is from Chelmsford, Massachusetts, also known as "Chelmsvegas" to its residents. She is majoring in Secondary Education and English and hopes to become one of those hip and stylish high school English teachers with really cool glasses. Erin loves Maine beach days, country music, and anything to do with mermaids. She writes about her misadventures on Her Campus because she believes everyone is a little crazy, everyone's life is a little crazy, and we can find comfort in being reminded that we aren't alone.
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