Try a Workout Class!

Looking for a way to get in shape or want to break a sweat?

Try a workout class!

My personal favorite is TNT with Natalie on Tuesdays and Fridays. In TNT we work different muscle groups by doing circuits. We usually use a bar to add some weight. The class focuses on working your butt and gut so expect some squats. If this doesn't’t sound like the class for you, there are plenty of other classes to try from yoga to cycling!

What to expect?

-Inform the front desk attendant that you want to take a class and they will give you a card to bring to the class.

-Don’t be intimidated, follow what everyone else is doing, and if you can’t keep up there is always ways to moderate the exercises.

-Tell then instructor that its your first class and they will be glad to help!

What to wear?

-Whatever you feel comfortable in.

-I personally light to wear leggings or tight clothes so when you are moving around you don’t flash anyone!


And best of all the workout classes are free! So grab some friends, pick a class and time, head over to the sports complex, and get in shape!