Trend Tuesday: Birkenstocks


ATTENTION MY FELLOW COLLEGIETTES! I am here to properly inform you about the newest, hottest trend… that’s right, I’m sure you can already guess what I am talking about… BIRKENSTOCKS. These ‘Jesus sandals’ are the new thing – I promise. I just purchased my first pair and I have never been happier. I smile so much when they’re on my feet; everything just feels right in the world. Even though these shoes are a bit on the pricier side they last for such a long time, so it’s such an amazing investment. With so many color and style options you’re bound to create a new look for yourself! Now I know you all are rushing to buy a pair so ease up okay, they’re made in Germany so they take a while to be sent on over!!!!! Happy shopping!!

Check out these collegiettes rocking their Birkenstocks on these warm days!