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Top 10 Pups You NEED To Follow

It’s about that time of year where you’re missing your dog more than usual. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter I just can’t get my mind off dogs. Luckily, Instagram is full of furry pets doing fun things. So do yourself a favor and follow some of the cutest pups on Insta!!

1. @ps.ny – Seriously if you don’t think this dog is the cutest thing ever you should delete your instagram. 

2.  @popeyethefoodie – A cute pup posing with some food, could you ask for anything more?


3. @juicyjamesfranco – how can you not want to look at this little fella every day?

4.@pupsinpajamas – puppies in pajamas. HOW CUTE?????

5. @aspenthemountainpup – not sure what I like more, the mountains or his face.

6. @boyfriendmoose – How can you look at this face and not smile. 

7. @harlowandsage – three times the cuteness

8. @lacorgi – his butt is almost cuter than his face 

9. @graywoof – those eyes.

10. @juniperfoxx – so this one isn’t a dog, but it is the happiest fox I have ever seen

You’re Welcome

Annie Sweeney

Stonehill '18

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