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What happens when the biggest pop star in the world and a Superbowl champion start dating? The country goes wild. 

Taylor Swift has had her fair share of bad relationships. When the Swifties heard that Travis Kelce attended Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” concert in July at Arrowhead Stadium, and attempted to give her his phone number via a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET (!!!), they knew something was brewing, and that maybe he was a good one. He was unsuccessful in meeting her that night, but Kelce proudly shared that he “wanted to give her one with his number on it,” on the podcast he shares with his brother Jason, New Heights. Not meeting her at her concert did not stop him. 


Travis Kelce, Superbowl champion and tight-end for the Kansas City Chiefs, shot his shot with Taylor Swift back in July. And it worked. The “it” girl, who has made billions of dollars from her “Eras Tour” has recently been seen cozying up to Kelce, who the Swifties have embraced because of his humor, gentle personality, and the way he holds her hand in public, a step up from a prior boyfriend we all know about.

Bringing Together the Country

The “Invisible String” that has brought Travis Kelce to Taylor Swift has also united two different types of people in this country: football lovers and the Swifties.

The amount of screen time the NFL is giving Taylor Swift is causing the view ratings to skyrocket. People who previously did not care about football are now watching to get a glimpse of Taylor Swift in the Kelce suite, alongside his mother and others. 

The new tikTok trend we have all seen of girlfriends asking their boyfriends, “How does it feel that Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map?” has some boys rolling their eyes. In a way though, this gives those who love football and those who love Taylor Swift something to bond about. 

How it’s Going 

Travis Kelce’s jerseys saw a huge sale increase when their relationship went public, which started the joke of how Swift “put him on the map.” Also, Taylor and Kelce’s mother have been watching the past few games together in the Kelce suite, which I think we can all agree takes up at least 80% of the screen time when the game is not actually going on. Newly, the couple made their SNL debut, and have been caught by paparazzi repeatedly on dates. Everybody wants a partner who is not afraid to show them off, and Travis Kelce is the epitome of that. Sources have been comparing the way he acts with her in public to Taylor’s past boyfriend who hid from the paparazzi while with her.

It’s safe to say that this relationship is bringing polar opposite people together to watch football and embrace the idea that an “Invisible String” ties you to someone you may never expect. 

Piper Tinory

Stonehill '24

Stonehill College Class of 2024 Psychology Major Criminology Minor Member of Lux et Spes Society From Barnstable, MA