Ten Tips to a Bronze Glow

  1. Start off with moisturized, exfoliated, and shaved skin

  2. Use moisturizing formulas, such as fresh out of the shower formulas

  3. Know that some drugstore formulas will be more orange tinged than others. I know people who swear by Jergens (I do too!) and others who think the extra cost for St. Tropes formulas are worth it.

  4. Avoid orange/ overtanned elbows, knees, knuckles, feet, ankles, neck, and cuticles by following this simple trick: apply above and below your joints on your arms/legs and just massage over your knees/elbows with the residue

  5. Massaging: to avoid streaks, rub your limbs in circles

  6. Less is always more! If you want it darker, just apply twice a day!

  7. At the end, use a face scrub on your hands and wash them as usual.

  8. Use very very sparingly on your face, feet, neck, and anywhere you might not be able to easily reach like the middle of your back

  9. Stay dedicated to your routine, even 2-3 days off will show it starting to fade.

  10. Ask your friends for their tips too!