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Take a Thanksgiving BuzzFeed quiz with me!

Have you ever gotten sucked into the rabbit hole of BuzzFeed quizzes, specifically holiday-themed ones? If so, have you ever wondered what other peoples’ results are? If your answers to these questions are yes, then follow along with me as I take the “Eat A Thanksgiving Feast To Discover The Absolute Best Thing About You” quiz, created by a Community Contributor named elia. We will walk through my answers to the 10 questions, and then I’ll share my results!  

  1. Beverage. I have to choose between hot cocoa, mulled wine, pumpkin spice latte, or apple cider. This is pretty easy; autumn is about the only time I will drink apple cider and it seems the most “Thanksgivingy” to me.
  2. Appetizer. There is bruschetta, charcuterie board, croquettes, or rolls. To be honest, I have no idea what croquettes are, but this was a tight race between the rolls and the charcuterie board. In the end, I’ve got to give it to the charcuterie board because there are just so many sweet and savory options. 
  3. Soup or salad. We have butternut squash soup, Caesar salad, beef bourguignon, or harvest salad. None of these really scream Thanksgiving to me, but I’ll go with the harvest salad to get some greens in before all the stuffing to come. 
  4. Main dish. It’s either turkey, steak, tamales, or salmon. Maybe I’m super traditional, but turkey is easily the correct answer for me here. 
  5. Side dish #1. We’ve got stuffing, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, or casserole. I know there is a lot of mashed potato hype, but I’ve got to go with stuffing because I only ever eat it on Thanksgiving. And it’s just so good.  
  6. Side dish #2. The choices are roasted potatoes, bread, green beans, and mac ‘n’ cheese. I love all of these foods individually, so this is a toughie. However, I cannot imagine the family meal without fighting with my sister for the last piece of warm bread, so for that reason, I have to go with the bread
  7. Sauce. I have to choose between cranberry sauce, gravy, hot sauce, or ketchup. As much as I enjoy a little gravy poured over the stuffing and turkey, I have had an unhealthy obsession with cranberry sauce since I was little, and Thanksgiving seems incomplete without it. In case you are wondering, I enjoy both the canned and homemade versions, but prefer the homemade.  
  8. Palate cleanser. The options are fries, caprese salad, rice, or soda. I have to say, none of these really stand out to me, but I guess I would go with caprese salad if I had to choose. 
  9. Pie. All the classics: apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or chocolate pie. These all sound delicious and in reality, I would probably have a little slice of each, but, since I have to choose, I am going with apple pie because it is my favorite to make and it is so cinnamony and delicious. 
  10. Another dessert. Lasty, we have ice cream sundae, cake, cookies, or peppermint bark. Similar to the pie question, all of these sounds amazing. I am going with peppermint bark because it feels like a tasty transition to the Christmas season after a delicious Thanksgiving meal.


Drum roll, please…. the moment you have all been waiting for!


My results: “You’re a good friend” Explanation: “You would do anything for your friends and are always there for them when they need you!”

Okay, that was so fun! What a nice break from all the work and stress in my life right now. And, what a positive message to end on! I love that with any of the choices you make, you will get an upbeat result and confidence booster. If you have a minute, I highly recommend taking this quiz and comparing your results to mine!

Emma MacIntyre

Stonehill '22

I am a senior studying English, Spanish, and Creative Writing. Besides writing, I love baking, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with my dog and my friends and family.
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