Spring Break Means Time for Netflix

Ready for a new television show to binge watch over Spring Break?

YOU need to watch YOU on Netflix.

A Netflix original just released this past fall with one season including 10 episodes is the perfect thing to do over Spring Break.

After a busy start to the spring semester, I finally had time to watch this incredible show. There are some familiar faces on the show, Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. And even if you don’t know these names there are plenty of other reasons to watch this show.


It takes place in NYC and the characters are young adults. Beck, one of the main characters is your average girl who is following her dreams to be a writer in the big city. And then you have, Joe, a mysterious bookstore manager. I would say “You” is the perfect mix between drama and horror. Don’t worry its not that scary, well if you consider a STALKER scary then yes maybe. I will warn you, there are a couple of “gross” scenes that you might just want to look away, but what would be a good show without some characters dying. Woops maybe I said too much. Well we all know that tv producers never kill off the main characters, or do they? I guess you will just have to watch and find out for yourself!