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Senior Year Scaries: Coping with Approaching the End of College

As I finish up my finals for this semester, I am faced with the harsh reality that I and many of my friends will be seniors next year. Two semesters tie up my undergraduate degree with a neat bow on top.  Amy three years thus far at Stonehill have been wild and wonderful, and as I approach senior year, hard to let go of. I have laughed and cried and made the most valuable friendships at this college. I have watched my friends grow and watched myself grow as a person. All in all, you could say I am less than thrilled to have my days numbered here. I often think of living with my friends next year, and how much fun we will have, but I also think to myself that there will never be enough time left with them. I am looking ahead with optimism, but I am looking back with longing. I never thought I would want to be a freshman in college, and I never thought that I would be sad to finish with schoolwork indefinitely. However, we surprise ourselves, and although I am proud of my undergraduate accomplishments, I foresee bittersweet senior moments, stuck between “I just want to graduate” and “I never want to leave the hill”. My advice to all approaching your senior year, and those who are just getting started, take lots of pictures, never take anything too seriously, and have a wild and wonderful year because in my case and at my school, we all leave the hill too fast.

My name is Angela Braddock and I am a student at Stonehill College. I am a Criminology major and I love dance, fashion, theater and wellness. I hope my insight can help you in some way, if not just help you escape your stress for a while!
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