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Senior Scaries: 5 Things I’ll Miss About College

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As my fellow seniors and I begin our last semester of undergrad, I find myself reflecting on all the experiences I from the past four years. Some have been good, some bad, but I can say I have really grown since freshman year. I have changed my major, made lifelong friends, grown in a serious relationship, and even made it through almost three years of a pandemic sweeping the entire world. College will so dearly be missed, so here are five things I think I will miss the most.

  1. Living With My Friends

This year especially, I have found a friend group that I feel so welcomed and loved in, and they have made my senior year so full of life and I am so grateful.

2. Dunkin Donuts on Campus

I have an absolute raging coffee addiction and having a Dunkin on campus is so convenient especially since they accept meal plan money. That way I trick myself into thinking it’s free. The manager is always so nice too!

3. Potstickers from the Dining Hall

Most of the food at our dining hall is very questionable, but when potstickers come around, it’s always a good day. It’s a small thing to miss, but I think some of those little things will be what I miss most.

4. My Favorite Professors

Some of the professors I have had over the years truly helped me fall in love with the field of Criminology, and some have even inspired me to pursue an advanced degree in the field. They have always supported my academic endeavors and I am lucky to have had them.

5. Dance Club

Dance has been with me for 15+ years, and I can’t imagine leaving it behind. Although, I am glad I get to close out my dance career with the Dance Club as we have built a family around the passion of dance. It will definitely be one of my hardest goodbyes.

My name is Angela Braddock and I am a student at Stonehill College. I am a Criminology major and I love dance, fashion, theater and wellness. I hope my insight can help you in some way, if not just help you escape your stress for a while!
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