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Psst! The secret is out: participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange doesn’t always have to be stressful or expensive. There are countless gifts on the market this year that are affordable, unique, and meaningful for any giftee you are shopping for. I’ve done all the dirty work for you and compiled a list of Secret Santa gifts (all under $25) that are sure to be a hit at your holiday gatherings. Bonus: all of these gifts can be easily ordered from Amazon and shipped to your door in just a matter of days, thank you online shopping!

Canvas tote bag

I feel like I always see people walking around with the cutest reusable tote bags, but I never end up buying one for myself!  There are so many out there for good prices on the internet that you personalize for anyone!  You can also use this as a gift bag and put more goodies inside.

disposable camera

Let your best friend go vintage with one of these babies. I promise, selfies look way cooler when they’re on film.

Page-a-day calender

My boyfriend got me one of these last year for Christmas, and I can confidently say it was one of my favorite gifts.  It’s truly a gift that lasts the whole year, and there are so many different types to match whatever personality you are gifting to.

Ring holder

Everyone needs a good jewelry holder for when they’re too lazy to put their rings away at the end of a long day.  This gift is perfect for your jewelry-loving friend!

Himalayan crystal salt lamp

Perfect for that person who seems to have everything!  One of these lamps instantly adds more atmosphere to any room and makes it homier.


Their head’s gonna be so cozy thanks to this cozy new beanie. Also, who can resist the fun pom-poms?!

key chain

Now they can have a cute little reminder of you every time they look at their keys!  There are so many ways you can customize this gift to perfectly match your giftee!

Spotify/ apple music gift card

This is the perfect gift for that person you have absolutely no idea how to shop for! I can guarantee that this is a gift they will use and appreciate.

Personalized clipboard

This is for all you crafty peeps!  This is a super easy DIY that is so incredibly cheap to make but is so meaningful.  Print out your favorite pictures of you and your Secret Santa or just some pictures or quotes that you think embody their personality. Use some mod-podge to stick them on, and you’re good to go

pillow slides

Help someone lounge around their house in comfort (and style) with these cushy pillow slides, which will make ’em feel like they’re walking on a cloud.


For your friend with a green thumb!  This is a very thoughtful and long-lasting gift that they most likely will not be expecting!


Now, this would only work if you knew the person’s shoe size, but you can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of slippers! Especially for a college student, I find that I throw my slippers on constantly to walk around my dorm.

Megan Swezey

Stonehill '24

Meg is currently a sophmore at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. Aside from writing, she has equal obsessions with dancing, hiking, sushi, jean jackets, Spotify playlists, and her two cute pups. Peace out!
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