Quiz: What candy are you?!

Take this quiz to find out what candy you are!


You are:

  1. Organized

  2. Impulsive

  3. Simplistic


You most value:


  1. Fun times

  2. Spontaneity

  3. Loyalty


Your summer soundtrack is:


  1. New and probably pop

  2. Indie

  3. Country or middle school throwbacks


Your ideal summer night is:


  1. Endless summer beach nights

  2. Going to a concert

  3. Relaxing


 You and your friends would most love to:


  1. Go on a mini road trip/ day trip

  2. Spend a day just going around town

  3. Go to a sports game


If you answered mostly 1’s:

Smarties/ gummy candy: You like to enjoy the fun parts of life, and what better way to do that than with a sugar high?


If you answered mostly 2’s:

Chocolate with something in it:3 musketeers, snickers, etc.: You add sass to life! Don’t just have your chocolate plain!

If you answered mostly 3’s:

Solid chocolate: You like to stick to what works! Solid chocolate will never fail you!