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Paige Doane ’17

Our second installment of celebs who will be in Stonehill’s production of Footloose this month is none other than freshman Paige Doane! Following in the footsteps of her roommate, Amy, who was last week’s celeb, Paige is just as talented and spunky. Her energetic and sassy personality is fitting, as Paige will portray the role of “Rusty” in Footloose. Rusty provides the comedic relief in the show, as she stresses over her love Willard and belts the hit song “Let’s Hear it for the Boy”. Other than the Musical Theatre Club, Paige is also a member of Girls From the Hill and an Early Childhood Ed and Performing Arts double major. Hailing from South Portland, Maine, we sat down with Paige to learn more about her love of all things music and Broadway.

Favorite musical theatre moment: My senior year in high school I got the lead role of Millie Dillmount in Thoroughly Modern Millie. “Gimme Gimme” was my favorite moment in the show and is one of my favorite songs to sing.Editor's Note: While I was not present to see Paige's portrayl of Millie, I can attest that she probably KILLED this song and had numerous old ladies come up to her after the show to praise her performance.

Dream Role: Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical

If you could make a guest appearance on any TV show what would it be?SMASH because I would just want to sing and dance, plus it’s about being on Broadway, so that would be awesome.

Would you rather be a 60s one hit wonder or an 80s child star?80s child star because I think its better to have a lot of success in your youth then 15 minutes of fame as an adult.

If you could only cut one thing the rest of your life would rather it be your hair or your fingernails?Fingernails because no one wants talons, plus, my hair grows slowly.

Dream vacation: Either somewhere tropical or Europe with close friends and family.

If you won the lottery, what would be your first splurge purchase?A puppy

Describe your roommate in one word: My best friend

Shout outs: My roommate, Amy, love you! Plus my O’Hara fam and Boland girls


Kate McCarthy is  a senior at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. She is a Communications major and a journalism minor. Although she does not know what she wants to do when she graduates, her dream job is having her own talk show and becoming a one woman sensation, like Oprah. At Stonehill, you can find her  winning championships with her intramural basketball team, swimming laps in O'Hara Pond or reading James Patterson novels in the cafeteria. After a semester studying abroad in the Czech Republic, her main goal in life is to travel the world. She is currently interning in Los Angeles, at the Queen Latifah show.
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