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A few months ago, it became a trend on TikTok to do weekly recaps or “reports” of what the user has been up to for that week. I loved this trend and I still love to see some of these videos come up on my for you page. So, I figured it would be a nice way to recap what I’ve been doing this semester!


This semester, I did a lot of class readings of Shakespeare and Austen, but I really wanted to try to read books more for fun rather than just as class materials. So, this semester, I read The Selection series by Kiera Cass and the Icebreaker series by Hannah Grace. The Selection was super fun to read because it was at the recommendation of my roommate, so I had someone to read with, even though the books felt a little below level for me, I was really interested in it! Icebreaker is a little bit older and I was definitely more into it, but I would recommend both!


I am always eating Ham and Cheese Croissants from Au Bon Pain (ABP as we call it on campus) EVERY DAY for breakfast. I have an early class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so they’ve been my breakfast after class for most of the semester!


Currently, I am playing The New York Times’s Mini Crossword and Connections. Connections is so frustrating for my brain, but I love the mini crossword and it’s a good break before bed for me (even though it gets my brain working!)


I’m obsessed with buying things off TikTok. I’ve bought wristlets, more wristlets, and cookies all because of small businesses on TikTok, so I think it’s fair to say that is my latest obsession. I love shopping small, so it’s nice to keep doing that, as much as I’d love to save money!


I recommend watching Season 3 of Young Royals on Netflix! I loved it, but I’m also sad that the show is over! I definitely recommend watching it, if you haven’t seen it yet. Also, I recommend Space Camp Wellness lip balm, I bought them during the launch and the cherry flavor has gotten me through a winter of chapped lips. I still have so much left!


My last part of what I’ve been up to is getting Sweet Treats from the bakery almost every night with my friends. I have too much of a sweet tooth to resist getting a sweet treat after a long day of school and work!

Briana Reidy

Stonehill '26

Bri is a sophomore Secondary Education and English double major in Easton, MA. Bri has interests in music (specifically Harry Styles), self care, and reading.