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As Mother’s Day approaches next month, the annual struggle for finding the perfect gift begins. Getting the perfect gift for the person who means so much to us is important, but staying on a budget as a college student is also important. Not all gifts have to be extravagant or expensive to be meaningful. What matters most is making your mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day. Here are four gifts you can give your mom:

1. Cook her a meal

Cook her favorite meal or dessert! This is a simple gesture of saying “thank you” to your mom. Think of all the meals she’s made throughout your childhood; you have the gift of repaying her for all the hard work and love she’s put into each meal. 

2. Plan a Movie night with all sorts of treats

Choose a movie your mom either loves or has been wanting to see. Then, make a bag of popcorn and sprinkle in her favorite candy! This combination gives an amazing salty and sweet flavor. I personally recommend salty popcorn with mini-M&Ms; it gives the perfect combination of salty and sweet with each bite.

3. make a photo album

This is a great idea, especially if your mom is sentimental. Looking back on all the photos taken of the family throughout the years is sure to make her smile. If the photos you have are digital, I suggest printing them out at a store like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, or Target. Getting the photos printed professionally adds a special touch.

4. Make a self-care basket

Your mom deserves a self-care day every day, but help her make this one extra special. Whether you choose to include items already in the house or buy new supplies, she’ll enjoy a day of bliss. The basket could include things like nail polish, face masks, lotion, a bath bomb, exfoliation scrub etc.

Pair any of these ideas with a handwritten card and she’ll love it!

Amanda Craig

Stonehill '24

Amanda is a senior at Stonehill College majoring in psychology and minoring in communications. She enjoys spending time with her roommates, listening to alternative and indie music and going to the Cape with her family. She is a huge animal lover with a soft spot for cats. Fun fact: she can make bird noises!