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Kardashian Language 101: Can You Keep Up?

If you are a major Kardashjenner fan like I am then I am sure you are very familiar with their phrases. Over the years they have said so many things that have simply caught on and that I catch myself using every day. It’s needless to say that the Kardashians have their own language. Can you keep up?

1. Bible

2. okurrr

3. shady (can be used to describe person, place, or thing. sometimes other words follow it.)

4. Literally

5. doll

6. Slob-kabob

7. Douche lord

8. holy sh*tballs

9. Lord

10. Peasants

11. It’s me….

12. Troll

13. Slore

14. Fact

15. tragic

16. turbo thot

17. Shake your tits

18. YOLO

19. Anxiety

20. You’re doing amazing sweetie





Marissa Bazzano

Stonehill '20

Student at Stonehill College from Hartford Connecticut.
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