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The Journey of Swag: Team Swag Now 0-2

February 3, 2014: Team Swag lost their second straight game in a row. Though they had a major imporvement from last week, when they lost to the Cute Emergencies 17-22. The game was a hard fought battle that resulted in a couple of injuries.

“I think everyone played the best that they could, but in the end, some of the calls just didn’t swing our way. That could have really helped us,” Senior point guard Sarah Courtney said.

Newcomer to the team Megan Ann Fontaine had an exciting first game and won Team Swag’s well known Honey Badger Award. Katie (Gibby) Gibson stepped up and took home the night’s MVP award after playing her little heart out. Team Swag’s next game is Monday, February 10th, so look out for next week’s article as the team continues to make memories.

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