I worked at a lobster shack this summer and this is what happened

Summer jobs are great and trust me I loved mine. I got to work at a lobster shack. Yes, it’s a SHACK. An actual shack, it resembles more of like a shed or a trailer. The menu is pretty simple just your typical lobster rolls, fish tacos, burgers, chicken tenders. Basically, anything you could ask for. This is the setup. Walk in, place an order, the menu is on a chalkboard and the drinks are in a cooler. You can see everything the grill is legit right behind the counter. The only seating is outside with picnic tables and umbrellas. An actual shack.


Hahaha well, I guess the customers didn’t think that. I got asked the weirdest questions this summer. It got to the point that I would laugh in the customer’s faces because it was so bizarre.

All summer we wrote down everything someone said that was so strange and here it is. REMEMBER it is a lobster SHACK.


“what is a lobster roll and what does it come on?”


“Can I have Splenda for my coleslaw?”


“Can you toast the inside of the bun?” comes back… “I asked for this bun to be black.”


“Do you have mashed potatoes?”


“Can I have fries with no skin?”


“Can I have cold ketchup?”


“Can I have sunscreen? I got burned under the umbrella.”


“Do you have ice cream?” no “Do you have milkshakes?”


“Can I have the smallest thing on your menu?”


“Do you have fish sticks and chocolate pudding?”


“Are those meatballs?” ….they were cheeseburgers….


“Do you have apple juice?” no “Ok ill have cherry soda”


“I asked for yellow cheese, this is white” ….its American


“Do you have zucchini fries?”


“Do you have indoor seating?”


“Do you have fountain drinks?” no *people leave*


Now, this is just half of it. Like WHAT. Never would I ever think of any of this to ask someone.


Hope you got a good laugh at this because it was actually my life for the past 4 months